Weekly Roundup: The Influence Edition

February 27th, 2011 | Shonali Burke | 5 Comments

We’ve talked a lot about influence this week.

Who’s an influencer, what makes an influencer, yadda yadda yadda.

More specifically, we’ve talked a lot about Klout.

And clout.

But mostly Klout.

So without further ado, here are seven posts I think you should read if you’re trying to figure out this whole influence thing along with the rest of us.

Just in case I haven’t hammered it in yet.

1. 4 keys to increasing your Klout score, by Trey Pennington.

Why: here’s a hint: they’re not really the four keys.

2. Could measures for relationships work for influence? by Sean Williams.

Why: Sean is one of the smartest guys around. He got clout.

3. Klout needs to target and segment for it to work, by Gini Dietrich.

Why: Let’s put aside the fact that I think Gini is totally awesome and that she had me guest post on Spin Sucks this week.

But this is exactly why I get worried when people take Klout scores at face value.

4. The problem with Klout: an infographic, from Mark Schaefer‘s {grow}.

Why: if it takes an infographic to show you why this is a problem, Mark hit the jackpot.

And I also like the fact that he gave Steve Farnsworth credit right. Up. Top.

5. Klout as a tool for community managers: why I don’t buy it, by Maggie McGary.

Why: ‘cos I don’t either.

6. The problem with influence scoring platforms, by Justin Goldsborough.

Why: This is at the heart of the issue that most (all?) of us have with such platforms. Without context, they are nothing.

7. Should we be keeping score on Twitter? Klout thinks so, by Mathew Ingram for GigaOm.

Why: I don’t usually include SM-related “blawgs” in my roundups, but this is exactly why the one-track focus on the score irritates me so much.

What about you?

Are there other influence – and Klout – related posts you’ve found fascinating and/or worth a read?

Do share!

Image: thefixer via Flickr, CC 2.0

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ginidietrich like.author.displayName 1 Like

This is the best round-up of what people are saying about Klout! Thank you! We were joking about this in a board meeting. Well, I was joking, but the CEO whose board I serve thought it was pretty stinking cool that I have more Klout than Jay Leno. I had to explain how ridiculous that really is and he got it. But the scary thing is that people who aren't marketers by trade think this is the way to measure.

Shonali moderator

@ginidietrich Absolutely my pleasure, Gini! That was a point that @JGoldsborough made as well - the mention of one's Klout score to "prove" how successful someone is. It don't prove nuttin' of the kind.

barryrsilver like.author.displayName 1 Like

Klout. If you must quote it to prove your value, you have overvalued yourself. Okay, so that's not a post, it's a thought but there is a value to brevity (but does it improve a Klout score)?

Shonali moderator

@barryrsilver I think you're absolutely right - if you have to tell the world how great you are through a score, you're not really. And yes, IMHO there is great value in brevity... though, like you, I bet Klout doesn't think so. :p Thanks for stopping by!