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July 17th, 2011 | Shonali Burke | 11 Comments

what's everyone not talking about?Everyone’s buzzing about Google+ (I’m starting to like it a little better since I did my first hangout with Jack B and Jill Foster a couple of nights ago).

Everyone’s starting to buzz about Spotify (I got my invite on Friday and LOVE it).

“Everyone,” of course, being everyone who’s into this kind of stuff… which is still not a lot of people in the grand scheme of things (though my Facebook and Farmville-addicted mom joined Google+ yesterday, so I take that quite seriously).

At least for today, no Google+ or Spotify or other shiny new talk. Here are some good reads for you:

1. Tomorrow’s PR pro: media producer, by Arik Hanson.

Why: Arik’s absolutely right. What with all the content we’re producing for ourselves, organizations and clients, how can we not be educating ourselves on the aspects of production?

2. Sweeping out the dark, ugly corner of public relations, by Shel Holtz.

Why: we all yell about “bad” PR, but Shel’s way of putting it is so much better. And reminds us that we need to support our own industry more.

3. Client makes pitch, scores the home run, by Todd Defren.

Why: a pretty smart way to use Instagram to pitch a story. I also think it’s probably easier for AOL mobile-execs to get TechCrunch’s attention since they’re sister companies, but it’s still a smart idea.

4. Vagina marketing, by Davina Brewer.

Why: you already know why, don’t you?

5. Social media and ROI – a little bit of clarity, by Olivier Blanchard.

Why: it’s brilliant.

6. The importance of meeting clients and prospects on their own turf, by Joanna Pineda.

Why: a pretty important thing for us to remember, especially since so much, if not virtually all, of our work is done virtually.

7. Watching Ushahidi’s Mumbai response unfold, with co-founder Erik Hersman, by Emily McManus at the TED Blog.

Why: when this past week’s terror attacks in Mumbai happened, my heart sank. “Not again,” I thought. And yes, I feel bad when such things happen anywhere, but when they happen in my country of origin, I feel especially impacted. I tried to do what I could to spread the call for help, and Ushahidi was instrumental in doing this.

Have a good Sunday, all! I’m off to Houston tomorrow, so I’ll “see” you in a few days. Some great guest posts are coming your way over the next few days, so don’t go away.

Image: Teia 2010 via Flickr, CC 2.0

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The vagina one caught my attention. Ha! Thanks @3HatsComm /Davina! Will have to go over the post again to comment and get your numbers up.


Thanks for highlighting my post. Hadn't had the time to check out Spotify yet... as well as a few good posts I missed, thanks.


The hangout and Spotify were the highlights of my day. Quite fun.


I love that you had the guts to feature Davina's post, Shonali! ha ha.

Otherwise - thank you for the reading material!


@TheJackB @Shonali Hanging out with you both was a blast. There's something about seeing all our faces and respective backdrops on screen at once that makes for a distinct chat environment, thanks for that.