Weekly Roundup: Begin Anywhere

August 7th, 2011 | Shonali Burke | 14 Comments

sunriseI’m a little late in posting today’s weekly roundup, because I just got back from an almost-2-mile walk with two of our dogs (and wondering whether handling a combined 115 lbs at the end of two leashes improves the quality of the walk…?).

So when I started combing through my Reader for good stuff to share with you, the very first post I read was perfect, and I borrowed its title for this post’s title as well.

1. Begin anywhere, by Valeria Maltoni.

Why: I’m a huge fan of Valeria’s and she is absolutely right. When you start something – anything, whether it’s a wellness program, or work with a new client, you have to begin somewhere. Anywhere.

2. 41 steps to significantly improve a blog in less than a month, by Brankica Underwood.

Why: talk about beginning anywhere!

3. If you wait for all the lights to turn green, you’ll never leave the house, by Mary Barber.

Why: you can tell by the title of the post, right?

4. Friday fun, by Jen Zingsheim.

Why: Jen is obsessed with writer confusion over homophones. However, she is apparently now moving on from tearing her hare hair out at seeing so many of them, to being impressed. Me, I suggest you “begin anywhere” with both a dictionary and a thesaurus.

5. A message for the overzealous entrepreneur, by John Falchetto.

Why: taking time off to recharge is important. John rides his mountain bike (and took a nasty tumble at the end of this particular ride, so I hope he heals quickly). Again… you can begin anywhere, it doesn’t have to be over a weekend, or in the evening, or whatever. Just do it.

6. A PR time capsule can take you back to the future, by Kevin Dugan.

Why: I love this line: “Think vs. just do.”

7. Cat scan. A {growtoon}, by Joey Strawn for {grow}.

Why: it’s hilarious! By the way, this is not what we mean by “begin anywhere.”

Have a good Sunday!

Image: U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service – Northeast Region via Flickr, CC 2.0

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Thanks for the inclusion--and the giggle of hare/hair! I only include ones I've actually come across online or in print (coarse/course was in a MAJOR retailer catalog), and I haven't come across that one...yet. ;-)

And I agree completely about starting with a dictionary and thesaurus!!!


Pardon me @John Falchetto I didn't mean to exclude you as people I didn't know. Of course, the lovely ladies will always come first in my book.............:).


I've seen Brankica's, but not the others yet. I thought B did a great job. Contrary to popular belief I really need some help but it's all on my shoulders. I have all the resources out there, I just need to get a little more specific about direction. I can only be a knucklehead so long, huh?

Thanks for sharing and good luck w/ your new fitness routine.

Shonali moderator

@bdorman264 Well, you know you have a ton of people willing to help you whenever you need it, so just say the word. I'm not even going to deign the "knucklehead" comment with an answer!

Thanks for the good wishes, Bill. So far, it's going well. Of course, we're just at the start of week 2. @granthillfit is making me do tabata this week... aaargh!

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@Shonali@John Falchetto He bushwhacked me at Griddy's AND he got to do the guest post so it was like his comments counted twice.

I've got my # 2 pencil and going behind him erasing his comments.