#measurePR: Influence and Social Media

October 26th, 2011 | Shonali Burke | 16 Comments

who's influencing whom in social media?Seeing as how Jen Zingsheim has bravely been shouldering the #measurePR burden weight the last few weeks, I thought it only right to ask her to return to this week’s chat… but this time, as a guest.

And since the topic of influence in social media isn’t going away any time soon, particularly with new tools cropping up, we thought we’d talk about that.

We tackled four questions, and I was thrilled that it was an engaged discussion with several new participants as well. These were:

1. How do you approach measuring influence in social media?

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Free Culture and Attention as Currency

October 25th, 2011 | Amrit Pal | 24 Comments

attention and culture as currency

Most web assets from the likes of Facebook, Twitter, Google, Tumblr, Foursquare and a gazillion others appear to be free, opening floodgates of content, ranging from the genius of Wikipedia/Ushahidi to the apparently innocuous LOLcats.

The shelf life of tweets, status updates, YouTube videos and, hence, their footprints on the public memory, is dropping by the second.

While the repercussion of such an open and free culture invites a discussion in itself, let’s talk about in the context of the startup ambience.

To begin with, let us do away with presumptions of terms like “free” and “open.”

With “free,” we imply Freedom at almost a Zero price. Let’s not confuse this with “freebies” or “giveaways.” With “openness” (coders, rejoice!) we imply an Open Source culture, where the ratio of creators to consumers is shooting up faster than ever.

Fifty years ago, when content producers were a privileged club, the ratio was probably 1:10 million. Now, with the barriers lifted, a swamp of creators are competing the bigwigs, creating a culture with 1,000 broadcasters for 10 million listeners. The ratio is only poised to rise with time.
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Working with a PR Pro: Third Time’s a Charm

October 24th, 2011 | Howie Goldfarb | 18 Comments

planting the seeds of public relations successI’m back. Yes my “PR pro” series continues.

I had previously written a two piece series on hiring and working with a PR Pro from the brand side.

And I think the fact that this has become a series of posts v. just one post shows just how hard the process can be in finding the right fit for your business when it comes to public relations.

The saga continues

While the second PR pro my client and I worked with was better than the first, about two months in my client was feeling agitated again. So we had to talk about this and whether we should try yet a third PR pro.

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