Monday Roundup: Blogging

July 28th, 2014 | Shonali Burke | 0 Comments

bloggingBlogging is a great way to start conversations, share ideas, and build your online community. Whether through guest posts or original content on your own site, blogging can help your brand gain traction (I mean, just look at me!).

So this week, the roundup features seven posts from around the web that focus on blogging. Enjoy!

Image: Mike Licht via Flickr, CC 2.0

1. Blogging for Profit? 5 Sure-Fire Ways Tools Will Help

Why: Are you using the right tools to turn all your writing into profit? Ian Cleary provides five ways tools can help you build a profitable blog. This is a great read even though the webinar is over (sniff).

2. The Medium Is the Method

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15 Blog Headlines That Don’t Suck

July 18th, 2014 | Shonali Burke | 17 Comments

Suzy Q rolling in the grassI confess.

If you came here looking for 15 blog headlines that don’t suck… you were sucked in.

By a blog headline that didn’t suck!

“Find ways to get people to your blog!”

“Draw your audience in!”

Make sure your headline doesn’t suck!”

How many times have we heard all that?

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Putting the Art in Article, Part I: Beginner Thou ART, Teach I Shall

March 26th, 2014 | Guest Contributor | 7 Comments

Pyramid of ArtGuest Post by Alicia Lawrence

Creative web content is all the rage in the marketing world. Great copy isn’t enough anymore to capture and keep readers—they need visuals.

Image courtesy Alicia Lawrence, used with permission

Below I’ve collected a list of tools to help you put the “art” in your article. I’ve separated the list into a “pyramid” based on your expertise. The beginner section consists of the most tools, as that will be the foundation for more advanced web graphics.

Before we get our hands dirty in digital paint…

Let’s look at some of the basic terms you’ll hear when it comes to creative web content.

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