Social Media: The Key to Transforming Doctor-Patient Communication [Redux]

July 24th, 2013 | Rachael Seda | 2 Comments

social media and doctor-patient communication

Ed: WUL is still on vacation, so we’re using some of our older-but-still-great content to keep you satisfied. This originally ran on Nov. 30, 2012. and will be particularly interesting to you if you work at the intersection of health care and social media.

Your child has come down with a rasping cough. You put on your Dr. Mom hat, jump online and feverishly Google their symptoms, you check social media to see if any of your friend’s children are sick. Overwhelmed by the multitude of potential diagnoses, you decide to wait and see if the cough subsides before scheduling an appointment.

But what if you could connect with your doctor using social media; asking for advice via a quick Twitter or Facebook message? Your doctor responds within 24 hours, offering some quick tips and pointing you in the direction of some credible online resources. As a parent you feel relieved, empowered and thankful to have a doctor that is open to communicating with her patients online, instead of feeling left to blindly search on

But while a few doctors including Wendy Sue Swanson, MD, author of the Seattle Mama Doc blog and Natasha Burgert, MD, author of KC Kids Doc blog, are using digital communication to communicate better with their patients, according to a 2011 survey by AMN Healthcare only 8% of physicians said they use social media at work to connect with patients. Continue reading »


4 Free Tools to Measure Your Instagram Success

March 26th, 2013 | Rachael Seda | 30 Comments

Instagram LogoFor the past few months, my friend Ryan has been managing a boutique in a nearby shopping center called Apricot Lane. I know 80-90% of the stores in this area are out of my price range and, because they are so expensive, their typical customers are more likely to be women in my mom’s age group.

I assumed that Apricot Lane was another boutique with clothes for women older than myself. That is… until Ryan started an Instagram for the boutique. She posted photos of the clothes, jewelry, and new items on Instagram. She even posted photos of people I knew modeling the clothes.

I fell in love with the different styles and fun items. I realized my preconceived notions were wrong, and I was quickly convinced that I needed to visit the boutique. Not only did I visit, I brought my mom and sister with me, both of whom loved it.


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Give the Gift of Giving this Holiday

December 11th, 2012 | Rachael Seda | 13 Comments

give the gift of givingIt wasn’t until my grandfather passed away earlier this year that his younger sister told me the story of their first Christmas.

Their first Christmas

I did know that my grandfather only made it to the 6th grade before he had to start working to help support his family. He adored his little sister Jeanette, and because their family was very poor they had never experienced a Christmas dinner, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or even opening a present during the holidays.

Aunt Jeanette told me that at the ripe age of 12, my grandfather saved as much money as he could from his first job and bought a small Christmas tree and little gifts, such as a piece of candy, and wrapped a gift for each of his siblings.

Watching her eyes light up as she told that story brought tears to my eyes.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree either.

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