Give the Gift of Giving this Holiday

December 11th, 2012 | Rachael Seda | 13 Comments

give the gift of givingIt wasn’t until my grandfather passed away earlier this year that his younger sister told me the story of their first Christmas.

Their first Christmas

I did know that my grandfather only made it to the 6th grade before he had to start working to help support his family. He adored his little sister Jeanette, and because their family was very poor they had never experienced a Christmas dinner, a Christmas tree, Santa Claus or even opening a present during the holidays.

Aunt Jeanette told me that at the ripe age of 12, my grandfather saved as much money as he could from his first job and bought a small Christmas tree and little gifts, such as a piece of candy, and wrapped a gift for each of his siblings.

Watching her eyes light up as she told that story brought tears to my eyes.

The apple doesn’t fall from the tree either.

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What PR Pros Can Learn From Social Good Campaigns

October 18th, 2012 | Guest Contributor | 8 Comments

building an online communityGuest post by Harrison Kratz

Having been part of the WUL network for a couple years now, I can fully say that this community is no stranger to social good and giving back. Since I’ve met Shonali, we’ve been connected through a passion for social good, and using social to create movements around the globe.

Social good continues to evolve as a layer of our industry and advance the potential of charitable causes around the globe.

In the graphic below, you can see how social media’s impact on charitable giving has grown since the response to the Haiti Earthquake in 2010.

While online giving had been around before then, many attribute the widespread online response and communication to the earthquake as a watershed moment for social media’s influence on not only charitable causes, but also our daily lives as well.

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Clearly UnConfidential: A Conversation With Zoe Fox

March 28th, 2012 | Shonali Burke | 13 Comments

Zoe FoxWhat do you get when you take a journalism student interested in development issues and the nonprofit world, and send her to India for some hands-on experience?

What do you get when said student lands on her feet in the Big Apple, and decides to pursue a career at the intersection of new media and social good?

What do you get when you find out she now works at one of the largest media outlets around, yet still tries to reply to most, if not all, emails that are sent to her?

You get Zoe Fox, Mashable’s “social good” reporter, who primarily covers social media and sustainable technology for nonprofits.

I first “met” Zoe when I was pitching Oxfam America’s #IWD2012 campaign, and it was a delight to work with her.

I’m also intrigued by the number of young professionals who want their careers to live at the intersection of new media and social good (Harrison Kratz, the founder of TweetDrive, comes to mind immediately), so I set out to interview her.

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